Why choose Famlang International School?

Famlang International School occupies a unique place on the landscape of private education in Nigeria.

We offer a single and coherent curriculum leading to A-Levels in contrast to other schools with different curricula in the different sections. Core subjects are taught in English and we do not impose bilingual education on our students, though the French, Spanish and German language are important parts of our syllabus.

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers achieve excellent results in our Primary, Secondary and A-Levels sections, challenging and guiding students through the English National programme. Accordingly, FIS is ideal for those coming from or returning to a British type educational system.

Importantly, one of our priorities is to manage enrolment and class sizes to ensure personalised attention and effective communication among school staff, children and their parents. At FIS, children thrive because they feel known, safe and empowered to grow intellectually and emotionally.

We are committed to providing excellent value in education. Our tuition fees compare very favourably to those of other private schools in the region, thus making FIS accessible to many families who wish to invest in their children’s education and future.

If you would like a nurturing and child-centred alternative to the bigger schools, consider us.

Schedule a visit to see for yourself what makes us different. We look forward to welcoming you.