Financial Terms

In keeping with our philosophy of making private education as financially accessible as possible, our fees are deliberately kept at a level which is very affordable compared to those of the other international schools in the region.

Tuition Fees (per term) for 2021 / 2022

Early Years
Reception    NGN 15,850.-

Primary Section
Years 1-2    NGN 17,950.-
Years 3-6    NGN 20,600.-

Secondary Section
Years 7-9    NGN 21,000.-
Years 10-11    NGN 21,000.-

A-Level College
Years 12-13    NGN 23,900.-

Tuition fees include term payment .

(Reception 1&2 only). They do not include exam registration fees (Years 10-13), uniforms (Reception to Year 11), or outings and trips. Details regarding the cost of our optional lunch programme and transportation service are available from our school Administration.