Our Vision

Famlang International School (FIS) was created in response to an ever-growing need in Nigeria for private, anglophone education and a specific demand for Foreign Culture National programme. FIS is the only school in the area to offer the cohesive Bilingual classes from Reception through to A-Levels. Accordingly, we are an obvious choice for students transitioning from, or returning to, a British based curriculum.

FIS is an international school and we are delighted to have students from different backgrounds enrich our lessons, our hallways and our playground with their various cultures and perspectives. Our teachers and pupils also benefit greatly from contributions from our parent community to classroom and extra-curricular events.

We limit our class groups to a maximum of 18 students (maximum 14 in A-Level classes, so that our teachers can tailor lessons to suit individual learning needs. Our size also allows teachers, directors and administrators to know each student and their family and to maintain regular, highly-personalised and proactive communication between school and home.

Despite our small classes, we keep fees at an affordable level. We wish to make private education as financially accessible as possible for families in the region and we are proud of the value we provide.

We will always provide high-quality tuition in English and will always remain reasonably priced as compared with other international schools. These are our commitments to families who place their trust and their children in our hands.

Our goal is not to imitate or compete with the large international schools in the region. Indeed, our aim is to be different and in doing so to offer more choice to parents and their children.